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Introduction to

Hi, I'm

I'm an Amiga enthusiast. I live in the UK, and always have, although I've moved about from town to town. I now live in Northampton in England, UK. My name is Duncan Woodward and I'm 26 years old (at the time of writing this)

I've always been interested in computers in general, but this love becomes an obsession whenever I see an Amiga or someone mentions it, as it was the machine of choice throughout my teenage and young adult years.

I currently work in the IT industry, no surprisses there, but I'll never forget my roots.

Forums that I post on

I'm a member of the following forums:

Amiga's that I own currently

I currently own the following Amigas:

Desktop models

  • Amiga 500 - 68000, 1.2 ROM, OCS, 0.5MB CHIP RAM, no other expansions (and it's an early red power LED model with C= keys)
  • Amiga 500 - 68000, 1.3 ROM, ECS, 0.5MB CHIP RAM, 0.5MB FAST RAM (A501 expansion card)
  • Amiga 500 - 68000, 2.04 ROM, ECS, 2MB CHIP RAM (MegiChip Angus Upgrade), 6MB FAST RAM (Unknown trapdoor expansion & RAM from GVP HD8+ sidecar), 40MB SCSI HDD (GVP HD8+ sidecar expansion)
  • Amiga 500+ - 68000, 2.04 ROM, ECS, 2MB CHIP RAM (MegiChip Anhus Upgrade), 8MB FAST RAM (Unknown trapdoor expansion & RAM from GVP HD8+ sidecar), 80MB SCSI HDD (GVP HD8+ sidecar expansion)
  • Amiga 600HD - 68000, 2.05 ROM, ECS, 1MB CHIP RAM, 1MB FAST RAM (from PCMCIA SRAM card), 1.2GB Internal 2.5" HDD
  • Amiga 1200 - 68030, 68882 FPU, 3.00 ROM, AGA, 2MB CHIP RAM, 16MB FAST RAM (from Apollo 1230 card), Apollo 1230 accellerator, 2GB Internal 2.5" HDD, Scquirrel SCSI PCMCIA adaptor with Pioneer SCSI CD-ROM

Big box models

  • Amiga 1500 - 68000, 2.04 ROM, OCS, 1MB CHIP RAM, 2x Floppy Drives
  • Amiga 2000 - 68000, 2.04 ROM, ECS, 1MB CHIP RAM, 1MB FAST RAM, A2091 SCSI controller card, 2GB SCSI HDD, 2x Floppy Drives
  • Amiga 3000 - 68030, 2.04 ROM, ECS, 2MB CHIP RAM, 12MB FAST RAM, Buddha IDE controller card, 4.3GB Internal IDE HDD

Other models

  • Amiga CDTV - 68000, 1.3 ROM + CDTV Extended ROM, 1MB CHIP RAM, Caddy Load CD-ROM drive, Floppy Drive
  • Amiga CD32 - 68EC020, 3.1 ROM + CD32 Extended ROM, 2MB CHIP RAM, Top load CD-ROM drive, A4000 Keyboard

so basically I have a lot of Amiga hardware kicking around.

My first Amiga's first amiga.

I got my first Amiga in 1991 which was the A500 Plus cartoon classics pack that was distributed by retailers in the UK, it was my Christmas present that year and was an upgrade from my previous Commodore C16 and Amstrad CPC6128 computers that I had for the past few years.

My favourite Amiga games

My favourite Amiga games are:

  • Lotus Turbo Challenge II
  • Qwak
  • All Terrain Racing (ATR)
  • Mean Arenas
  • Super Methane Brothers
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Rainbow Islands
  • Parasol Stars
  • Fire & Ice
  • Tactical Manager
  • Project-X
  • Virocop
  • Super Street Fighter II (which was a good version, better than the original SF2 version)
  • Gauntlet II
  • Indy Heat
  • Frontier: Elite II
  • Theme Park
  • Sim City CDTV
  • Turrican III
  • Pinball Dreams
  • Lemmings
  • Space Harrier II
  • Super Hang-On

so quite a varied collection.

Amiga reading material

Back in the day, I used to buy lots of Amiga magazines, wasting most of my pocket money on the following:

Regular buys

  • CU Amiga
  • Amiga Format
  • Amiga Shopper
  • Amiga User International

Occasional buys

  • Amiga Computing
  • Amiga Power
  • The One
  • Amiga Action

Rarely bought, but sometims

  • CD32 Gamer
  • Zero

My current Amiga usage

In my youth I used to dabble with a bit of AMOS Pro and Amiga E coding, but never got around to finishing anything. Hopefully, now that I have my A3000, I may sit down at it and finish at least one game or application off. I still use my Amiga for games and for general computing. Although I never liked them back in the old days, I'm starting to like Amiga demos and I've been watching more of them recently.

Other favourite games

I also have a really big thing fot the Street Fighter series of games, which are my favourite all time games ever. Other than that, any arcade title by Sega scores high on my list.

Other systems I have love for

Before I had the Amiga, I had the following machines:

Commodore C16

I had this from the age of about 4 years old, it was my first contact with computers. My fav C16 game is Bomb Jack

Amstrad CPC 6128

Originally my brother's, but he gave this to me about a year or so before he got his SNES. My fav CPC game is Head Over Heels
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