A1200 painting

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A1200 painting

A1200 painting
Created 2008
Creator Tiago
Based On A1200
Kickstart 3.1
Operating System 3.1
CPU 68020 @ 14MHz
Memory 2 MB Chip


Project details

My A1200 case was very yellow, i decided to try to give it his old white color. I tried to washed it with soap and other products, but nothing brings the original color back. Painting was my final solution. I did the same process as i did in my A600 (A600 new case and painting),but i did it first on A1200, so this one was harder because i didnt know quite well what to do. I read a bit on the net about restoration, but i didn't found anything special, so give it a try in what i think it was the correct moves.

I used some fine sand paper, that kind that you have to put in water (high number, highest possible, very thin one). First i washed with water, and then i passed the sand paper very gently, water again, and 2nd hand of sand paper, this way, i removed all imperfections and prepared the case to receive the spray painting. After the case was dried, i used white spray with no bright at all. Spray it smooth, let it dry and pass the sand paper again to remove the excess ink, then spray it again.

The result was much better then i was expecting. I also try to clean the keys, but they are much more difficult, looks like the keys are made from a different plastic material then the case, i could not spray them or i would loose the key symbols. I washed them a lot, i even put them in the washing machine, they improved a bit, but the yellow is still there. If you look the keys from the inside, you will see the original white.

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