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Welcome to is a site dedicated to the Commodore Amiga home computer. Classicamiga covers everything from real Hardware and Software, to emulation, games, the demo scene, hardware upgrading and modification and anything else Amiga related.

However we don't really cover PPC and OS4 in much detail because classicamiga is dedicated mostly to the classic range of Commodore Amigas, and not the more recent third party developments.

The network

The classicamiga network consists of a group of sites about the Commodore Amiga, hosted and administrated by Harrison, linked together, and run by a core group of staff members, sharing many of the same staff members between each project/site contained within the network. So if you need to contact anyone involved with classicamiga, contact a staff member on any part of the network, and you should get the answers you need.

The network currently consists of:

Where did it all begin was originally started by Harrison in 2001 as a way to provide information about Amiga emulation. Over the years this has grown into the site you now see at which contains extensive directories about Amiga Games, Demo Scene Productions, Software, Hardware and many other useful things.

History of Classicamiga

To read the full history of classicamiga please visit the history page.

Contacting the Classicamiga Admin

The main classicamiga network Admin is Harrison

Harrison 14:37, 31 October 2008 (UTC)

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