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Privacy Policy

classicamiga takes the privacy of its members very seriously and will never give out any of your personal details.

When you register with classicamiga you are required to enter your email address. This is never displayed to the public - but is stored in the system as part of your profile. All members are fully in control of their own information held on classicamiga and can edit their own profile at any time to hide or remove any details.

classicamiga will never give out a member's email address to any third party and when other members email you via the site's emailing system they do not see your email address when they send their initial email to you. Only if you reply directly back to them will your email address then be shown as part of your return email.

Occasionally a classicamiga Administrator may contact members directly using the members email address. This is only available to the Administrators and no other members of classicamiga have access to this information.

Sometimes classicamiga is contacted by third parties who wish to link to content held on classicamiga, or who wish to make contact with the site or one of its members. We NEVER give out email addresses and will always contact members personally first. The exception to the rule is when a classicamiga member has posted content on classicamiga explicitly asking to be directly contacted.

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