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Welcome to the classicamiga Wiki!

The information resource for the Commodore Amiga

Welcome to the classicamiga wiki site. This Wiki provides information, tutorials, FAQs and guides about the Amiga and Amiga emulation. It has been created to help the Amiga community, and Amiga users, find out and explore as much about the Amiga as they can.

Initially the existing articles from the main site's FAQs and Tutorials section have been ported over to the Wiki, and then this Wiki will be fully replacing that section of the main site. This will allow this part of classicamiga to grow and expand with member participation.

We hope you all find this Wiki useful. Please post comments, feedback, ideas and suggestion on the classicamiga forum.


Classicamiga Wiki Content

Users new to the Amiga, or those discovering it for the first time often ask similar questions. We have created some common FAQs that we hope will explain most aspects of the Amiga to you.

All of the different models of Amiga released throughout the Amiga's life, giving as much detail about the hardware as possible.

Exploring Amiga hardware. Including guides, FAQs and Tutorials on installing and upgrading Amigas.

Exploring the world of Amiga Emulation. Giving details on the Amiga emulators available for each platform, plus guides, FAQs and Tutorials on how to setup and use the emulators.

In addition we explore the emulators available to emulate other system on the Amiga.

Exploring the Amiga Demo Scene. Including how it originated and what it is.

This page contains a list of all known Amiga book publications. We are constantly updating this list as we discover more books about the Amiga. If you spot that we are currently missing any Amiga books from this list please add them to the page.

The Amiga gave birth to a new form of music, the MOD. We look at the Amiga music scene and explore how you can enjoy listening to Amiga MOD music on the Amiga, and also on your PC.

Many projects exist relating to the Amiga. Explore some of the best projects available for the Amiga.

This section of the Wiki features Amiga Fan created Do It Yourself projects, customising Amigas to add extra hardware, more expansion, different cases etc... Some Amiga fans have achieved some amazing things in their spare time.

  • Classicamiga Directories

The Classicamiga Directories links in the left navigation take you to each of our extensive Amiga database directories, where you can explore all of the games, demo scene productions, Software and Hardware released for the Amiga.

  • Classicamiga Forum
Don't forget to visit us at the Classicamiga Forum.

Helping out and taking part

If you would like to contribute to the classicamiga wiki, you will first need to register. Once registered you are then able to join in with discussions for any of the existing articles found in this Wiki. Use these discussion pages to offer ideas or additional information that can be added to pages.

Wiki Content Creation

To edit or add new articles you will also need to register on the classicamiga forums, then post on the forum requesting to become a classicamiga Wiki content editor. Please include details of the ideas you have for new content you wish to include so that this can be considered as part of your application. The classicamiga staff will consider your request and if granted you will be added to the CA Wiki editors group and can then add and edit new content on the wiki.

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