Micronik Infinitiv A1200 Tower Case Project

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Micronik Infinitiv A1200 Tower Case Project

Micronik Infinitiv A1200 Tower Case
Created 2008
Creator Tiago
Based On A1200
Kickstart 3.1
Operating System 3.1
CPU 68030 @ 50MHz
Memory 34MB (2MB Chip + 32MB Fast)


Hardware Spec

Project details

For this project i bought the Infinitiv tower here in Portugal, it came with a A1200 board with 3.0 Roms but it didn't work well, video output signals were instable and sometimes image went black, so i replace the M.Board for a new one.

The Infinitiv tower only have a few screws, for the sides, the front, and the top you only need to put them in the right place and press a little bit, no screws here. So opening the case, is very easy and fast.

This case is not a vulgar pc case, it was made for holding an A1200, so placing the Board was easy. The Power supply unit is a vulgar PC AT one, and it fits also very well. It has an adapter so you can connect the A1200 to it.

There is also an adapter for a PC Keyboard, the original Infinitiv case had a proper keyboard, but the one i bought didn't come with it, but i have the adapter that plugs to the Board and transforms it into a PS/2 output, any PC PS/2 standard keyboard can be connected.

One of the first things i did after was replacing the Roms. The Board had 3.0 Roms, so i took them out very carefully, and replace them by the 3.1 Roms, you don't need any drivers, just replace them.

Regarding the Hard Disk, i had one 3.5" available that i could connect directly to the Board, but i was also thinking in a CD-COM, so the best think was getting a IDE Interface so that i could connect both to the board. I search on ebay and found a cheap IDE Interface, with connections to 2 HDs of 3.5" or 2.5" and a CD-ROM.

Again it was easy to connect everything. One cable goes to the A1200 Board, and then i connect the 3.5" HD to 1 IDE available on interface, and the same thing for the CD-ROM. Notice that the 3.5" HD needs to be powered, like any PC 3.5" HD, if you use 2.5" there is no need for power, the interface provides it. The PSU had enough power cables to connect HD and CD-ROM.

For placing the HD, you can insert it through the inside case or simple from the back, this case have bays so that you can mount and dismount HDs very fast and easy.

After HD and CD-ROM connected i need to run some software. With HDs bigger then 4GB, we need to run IDEFIX software to be able to use the full HD space. The software that came with the IDE interface also enables the System to emulate Amiga CD32 titles and also to play audio CDs. I found a solution for playing CDs directly from CD-ROM to output speakers, i modify a simple audio card cable, that ones that you connect the cd-rom to a sound card, just took off the audio card connector and solder the cables to RCA outputs. (I will put were a link to this project later)

The Case has one problem, i think most of the A1200 tower cases has, the PCMCIA port is not usable because there is not enough space to put the card, so the best solution was getting a 90º angle adapter so that the card has space and doesn't go through or outside the case. Just connect it and it's ready to roll.

Other problem that i found was the floppy eject button. The hole in the front case was not center related to the eject button, the hole was a bit to the left, i cut a bit of the plastic, the hole went a little bigger, and also i enlarge the eject button.

I received my memory expansion in 24-12-2008. A beutifull Blizzard 1230 MK-IV with 32MB Ram from Phase 5.
I bought it from an old store here in Portugal. The Infinitiv tower case is prepared to receive a expansion board, i even didn't need to remove the plastic case from the board side, just inserted from the top, it has a kind of draw to hold it. With this card i give it a great boost to the system. working in workbench is much more faster then before and Whdload installed in Classicwb runs all the games i tried so far. I will now think of install OS3.9

Just got a new board for the tower, i update from a Rev 1D1 to Rev 1D4. Here it is, the new Rev 1D4 with the Blizzard 030, perfect!!

I didn't want to make any soldering work for the reset cable as i did in the older board, so i got a new solution: i bought the Gayle chip adapter.
This small board goes on top of the Gayle Chip adapter and it has the 2 pins for the reset cable and also 14 pins for a clock port adapter.

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