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Guide to setting up a Wireless Network/Internet connection on A1200/A600*

This guide contains the basic steps needed to setup Internet access on an A1200 with the following hardware, if you have different hardware then some of the steps may also differ. This guide only covers the automatic detection of settings; there will be a further guide for setting up manually should you encounter a problem.

This guide also assumes you have basic knowledge of navigating your way around the Workbench and have the facility to transfer files to your Amiga.

Hardware used in this guide

  • A1200 with 3.1 Rom and 68030 Accelerator + 64mb Ram
  • Netgear MA401 16bit PCMCIA WiFi Network Card

Note: this has also been tested on an *A600 with 3.1 Rom and Apollo 630 + 32mb Ram running CWB ADV* (You will need at least an 020 on your A600 for this guide)

Software required

Optional File's (Recommended for A1200)

Getting started

Assuming you have installed Classic Workbench, the first thing we need to do is install MiamiDX and the Prism2 drivers.

Power on the Amiga and follow the steps below:

  1. From the main workbench screen double click on the transparent ‘Drawers’ Icon that is at the bottom of the Workbench screen, this will bring up a menu with a selection of options.
  2. Click on ‘My Files’ and browse to the ‘Install’ Folder
  3. You should see an Drawer for MiamiDX 10 browse to this drawer and run the installer.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions and complete the install to your chosen location.
  5. Assuming you've downloaded the Prism2 archive and transferred it to your Amiga we need to install this now.
  6. Locate the archive ‘Prism2.lha’ and extract the contents to a temporary location.
  7. Navigate to the Prism2 folder and run the installer, following the instructions on screen.
  8. We now need to modify the startup-sequence and enter the SSID and network Key that will be used to connect to the access point.
  9. Locate your startup-sequence file, this will be in SYS:S/ *I suggest making a backup of this file in case anything goes wrong*
  10. Open the file and locate the following line: “run >NIL: C:CardReset TICKS 50”
  11. Leave a space below this line and then enter on a new line the following: "C:SetPrism2Defaults SSID xxxxx KEY xxxxxxxxxx"
  12. SSID is the name of your Network, mine is BeBox KEY is the 10 digit network key that you use to connect, I did not enter any dashes or spaces in the key. **Some people have reported problems with Alphanumeric keys, so you may need to change your key to Numeric only however my key is Alphanumeric**
  13. Your network security must be WEP, WPA is not support by the Prism2 driver.
  14. Now save the file and power down your Amiga.

Setting up MiamiDX

In the next section we will setup MiamiDX with its built in Wizard. Insert your Network Card into the PCMCIA slot and Power on you Amiga. Follow the below steps:

  1. Locate the directory you installed MiamiDX to and run ‘MiamiInit’ this is the setup Wizard.
  2. Read the welcome message and press continue.
  3. Choose 'Ethernet, Cable/ADSL modem' from the options below and press continue.
  4. Choose ‘Other’ and press continue
  5. Enter prism2.device and the ‘Device’ field and press continue
  6. At this point MiamiDX should find your IP Address/Subnet Mask, press continue
  7. ***If MiamiDX did not find your settings its possible you entered your Network ID or Key wrong, you may wish to check these and try again.****
  8. Assuming it found your IP Address press Return
  9. Assuming it found your Subnet Mask press Return
  10. MiamiDX should now find your default Gateway, press Return
  11. It will now verify with the DNS server, my provider did not appear to support DNS recovery, I just hit ‘Skip’
  12. Give your connection a name and press Return
  13. Enter your name and a username and press continue, if you don’t want to print your settings i.e if you don’t have a printer uncheck the print box or else like my first try MiamiDX will probably crash now…
  14. Your settings should now be saved and the program should close

Going Online

Now that the default settings have been detected we can run MiamiDX and get online.

  1. If you need to, navigate to the directory where you installed MiamiDX and run ‘MiamiDX’ from the Icon.
  2. Press ok and now right click, from the project bar choose settings and ‘Import settings from MiamiInit’
  3. Press OK.
  4. You should see a message that the settings have been imported.
  5. Press ‘Online’
  6. You should see a message telling you that you are online.

Now you can test your connection out by running a Web Browser, AWeb is pre installed on CWB ADV SP, right click and choose Run>Programs>AWeb. Type in a web address and see how you get on!

IMPORTANT: Remember before exiting Miami to save the settings as default so you don't have to import from Miamiinit each time.


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