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This section of the classicamiga Wiki is all about the Amiga's Operating System(OS), Workbench.

When the Amiga was first released in 1985 its Workbench OS was way ahead of its time, and as the Amiga continued to be developed Workbench continued to develop alongside the hardware, giving an amazing OS that wasn't matched by the PC market for nearly 10 years. And even after Commodore were gone Workbench continued to be developed. With the name Workbench being replaced with AmigaOS, and continuing up to version 3.9 for classic Amiga models, and currently up to 4.1 for PPC powered Amigas. With the PPC AmigaOS 4 still actively being developed.

Workbench Information


The following are a series of guides on how to install, setup and configure Workbench onto a Harddrive.

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