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Commodore Amiga 1000
Commodore Amiga 1000


Amiga 1000

The Amiga 1000 (also referred to as the A1000) was the first Amiga model every produced and is more limited in expansion capabilities compared to later Amiga models. However some expansion is possible.

Expansion Ports

  • Sidebus Expansion

Custom Upgrades

  • Accelerators

Other Upgrades

Also usable on the A1000 is most Amiga hardware that can be connected via the RBG Video, Joystick, Floppy drive, Parallel or serial ports of the Amiga as the A1000 shares exactly the same ports as all other models of Amiga. These ports were often used to connect external floppy disk drives, sound samplers, video digitisers, scanners, midi devices, printers... etc.

However please note that the A1000's parallel and serial ports are the reverse of later models. With the parallel port being male instead of female, and the serial port being female instead of male. Therefore to use some hardware you may need to get a gender changer for the A1000's ports before the hardware can be connected.

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