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D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Amiga projects and system modifications.

Since the late 1990's when the Amiga was no longer in constant development, with no prospect of new models on the horizon, Amiga owners instead started to turn to modifying their existing Amigas to get more out of them, add new features, or to just change the way they look and work. This was started mainly due to the emergence of Tower Kits to provide A1200 owners with the additional expansion possibilities they craved.

Today many Amiga owners are actively involved in DIY Amiga modification projects. These range from simple case alterations, to full blown system hacks. This section of the classicamiga Wiki is dedicated to showcasing and exploring some of the best DIY Amiga Projects we can find. And to hopefully give you the inspiration to try some of these ideas out on your own Amiga systems.

Have fun.

Full System Modifications

  • Mini A1200 - A1200 in an A600 case, complete with 030 accelerator! - Project by jimbob005

A1200 Tower conversions

Amiga Case restoration

Portable Amigas

  • Suzanne - Worlds first portable Amiga! - Project by Simon Archer
  • Wooden A1200 laptop

Legal Warning

Classicamiga and its staff members do not accept any responsibility for anything that happens to you, your computers, your house etc if you try to replicate any of the DIY projects featured in this section of the classicamiga Wiki. You agree that attempting to recreate anything you see here is at your own risk.

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