A600 new case and painting

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A600 new case and painting

A600 new case and painting
Created 2008
Creator Tiago
Based On A600
Kickstart 2.05 37.300
Operating System 2.1
CPU 68000
Memory 1 MB Chip + 1 Fast Ram (A603)


Project details

I had an A600 in the 90s, so i was trying to get one again, look a lot on ebay but didn't found any with a good shipping price, but after a while i found one very near me and i bought it. This Amiga was very durty with the case broken in more then one place. The previous owner made a hole in the case to connect a 3.5" hd, but the cut was very ugly. There was no chance to leave this old glory like this, so i bought a case on ebay. When it arrived it was yellow,it was in good condition, but not as white as i expected, so i thought that painting it was a good solution.

I used some fine sand paper, that kind that you have to put in water (high number, highest possible, very thin one). First i washed with water, and then i passed the sand paper very gently, water again, and 2nd hand of sand paper, this way, i removed all imperfections and prepared the case to receive the spray painting. After the case was dried, i used white spray with no bright at all. Spray it smooth, let it dry and pass the sand paper again to remove the excess ink, then spray it again.

While case was drying, i start to remove keyboard and board from the old case. The keyboard was full of dust, i clean it carefully. The keys were a bit yellow, i washed them a lot with soap (keys are very difficult to remove the yellowing). Then mount the new system, the result was a clean new A600.

The process for painting was the same i did in my A1200 (A1200 painting)

Now i have to get a Compaq Flash as HD and a 1MB ram expansion.

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