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Name Tiago
AKA Tiago

Tiago is a member of since 2006.


Current involvement with

Tiago is a "VIP" member of and he helps the Forum and Wiki with reviews. He is from Portugal, and his name is Tiago Lobo Dias.

Tiago's history with

"VIP" member.

Forums that I post on I'm a member of the following forums:

ClassicAmiga Forum (only...)

Amiga's that I own currently

I currently own the following Amigas:

  • Amiga 600 - 68000, 2.05 ROM, ECS, 1MB CHIP RAM
  • Amiga 1200 - 68020, 3.0 ROM, AGA, 2MB CHIP RAM, 4GB Internal 2.5" HDD
  • Amiga 1200 Tower - 68020, 3.1 ROM, AGA, 2MB CHIP RAM, 4GB Internal 3.5" HDD, CD-ROM, IDE interface, PCMCIA 90ยบ angle adapter, CD-ROM to RCA output adapter, and wainting for a 030...

My favourite Amiga games

Some of my favourite Amiga games are:

  • Alien Breed
  • Another world
  • Captain Blood
  • Carrier Command
  • F/A-18 Interceptor
  • Frontier: Elite II
  • GP (microprose)
  • Indianapolis 500
  • Katakis
  • Lemmings
  • Lotus Turbo Challenge II
  • R-Type
  • SWIV
  • Speed Ball
  • Secret of Monkey Island
  • Super Frog
  • Super Hang-On
  • Syndicate
  • Wings of Fury

Other systems I have or that i would like to have

No longer have:

Amiga 500 - the best machine ever!! - sell it to buy an A600HD with 40MB and 2MB RAM
Amiga 600HD 40MB HD and 2MB RAM - sell it again to buy other system... (i bought an A600 again in summer 2008, still need to put an HD in this one)

Before I had the Amiga, I had the following machines:

ZX Spectrum 48K - I got one in 1984, it all begin with this little machine...

Never had, but almost cry for one:

Atari 520ST - Before i had the Amiga i saw an Atari 520ST with Captain Blood... i was amazed... but then i saw the A500 ...

How to contact Tiago

You may contact Tiago via email, or through the classicamiga forum.

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