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The Suzanne portable Amiga A600
Created 1997
Creator Simon Archer
Based On A600
Kickstart n/a
Operating System 2.1
CPU 68020 @ 28MHz
Memory 10MB (2MB Chip + 8MB Fast)
Suzanne Logo

Suzanne was the first portable Amiga project created by an Amiga user. The majority of Amiga owners had been wishing for a proper Commodore made portable laptop style Amiga for many years, but despite the existence of some prototypes at Commodore, a final finished retail portable Amiga was never released. This was a little strange as most of Commodore's competitors had developed portable versions of their desktop machines. Even Atari produced a portable version of their rival ST! Due to the lack of an official real portable Amiga this left it to Amiga owners to instead have a go at creating one themselves.

During 1997, Simon Archer became obsessed with the idea of owning an Amiga laptop and devised a plan to convert his standard Amiga 600 into a portable Amiga - the result was Suzanne.

Suzanne is not technically completely portable as it still needs to be connected to the mains power supply, but it is completely self contained in a laptop style case with built in monitor, so is portable to take anywhere.


Hardware Spec

  • A600 motherboard and keyboard
  • Apollo A620 28MHz 68020 accelerator with 8MB Fast Ram
  • 8x IDE laptop CD-Rom drive. (Fitted below the PCMCIA slot)
  • 2.5" IDE HD
  • "Glidepoint" finger pad (avoids the need for a separate mouse)
  • Small laptop power supply
  • Black and White display (later replaced with a colour display)

The display was attached by adapting the cabling and reconfiguring the Amiga monitor drivers to optimise the display.

Project Gallery

Additional Reading

  • An article on his experiences making Suzanne can be found in the October 1997 edition of CU Amiga Magazine on page 32.


  • Amiga History Guide (2002) Suzanne; Website.
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