Can I play Amiga games on my PC/Mac?

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Yes you can. This is achieved by using something called an Amiga Emulator.


What is an Emulator?

An emulator is a software application which is coded to emulate the hardware originally in the Amiga and this emulator is used to run the software originally written for the Amiga by tricking the Amiga software into thinking it is running on a real Amiga.

What emulator do I need to emulate the Amiga?

This will depend on the computer you want to emulate the Amiga on. Amiga emulators exist for most platforms including Windows PC, Linux, Mac OS, Amiga OS and many more.

To see a full list of the available emulators for your computer please look at Amiga Emulators.

Do I need anything other than the Amiga emulator?

Yes you do. You will need two additional things. An Amiga Kickstart rom file, and some Amiga Software.

See What is needed to run an Amiga emulator? page for full details.

OK, I have everything. How do I load a game?

Once you have downloaded the Amiga emulator for your computer, obtained a kickstart rom image, and have some Amiga software in ADF format, this is all you will need to load and run games and other software that was originally written for the Amiga.

Most Amiga emulators can be installed onto your PC (or other system) much like any other Application. Follow the installation instructions included with your emulator. Also look in our Emulation section as we will be including setup guides for the most popular Amiga emulators.

Once you have the emulator installed, when you run it you will normally have to tell the emulator where the kickstart rom file is located. This is different for each emulator so follow the emulators own instructions, or again look in our emulation section for more information.

Once the emulator is running you will normally need to setup the type of Amiga hardware you wish to emulate. There were many different models of Amiga released over the years and different Amiga games and software are only compatible with specific models of Amiga and hardware specification.

How you configure your Amiga emulator will depend on the game/software you wish to run. For games this will normally fall into two main configurations. An emulated A500 or an emulated A1200. Most games/software will run using an A500 setup, but any with AGA included in their title will need an A1200 emulated to make them run. To find out what the settings are for each Amiga model take a look at Commonly Emulated Amiga Setups.

Once you have your emulators settings in place the last part is to load the ADF file for the game or software you wish to load and run. Most emulators have an entry for floppy drives called DF0: Select the ADF you wish to load and add it into the emulators DF0: entry.

And that should be it. You can start the emulator and hopefully the ADF game/software will run.

This has been a few basic run through of Amiga emulation. To get more detail and specific guides and tutorials on how to run specific Amiga emulators please look in the Emulation section.

Further help and discussion

  • Look in the Emulation section for tutorials, Guides and FAQs on using Amiga emulation.
  • If you need help and advice on Amiga emulation please post your questions in the classicamiga forum's Emulation Forums


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