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Commodore Amiga A2000
Commodore Amiga A2000



Internal Expansion Slots

The A2000 features 5 Zorro II expansion slot, 4 PC ISA slots and a special video slot for internal expansion. It was common for a hard drive controller or a PC emulator bridge board to be installed in to these Zorro slots.

Expansion Ports

Custom Upgrades

  • Accelerators

Other Upgrades

Also usable on the A2000 is most Amiga hardware that can be connected via the RBG Video, Joystick, Floppy drive, Parallel or serial ports of the Amiga as the A2000 shares exactly the same ports as all other models of Amiga. These ports were often used to connect external floppy disk drives, sound samplers, video digitisers, scanners, midi devices, printers... etc.

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