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Amiga CD32 games console
Amiga CD32 games console



Although the CD32 was designed as a games console it is quite expandable thanks to a fully featured expansion bay at the rear of the system.

Expansion Ports

  • Rear Expansion Bay/Expansion Port

This expansion port is the main way it upgrade the CD32 into something more than just a games console. This port allows the addition of accelerators, fast ram, harddrives, standard A1200 ports (parallel, serial, floppy) and more.

  • FMV - The Commodore FMV module plugs into the CD32's rear expansion port and adds the ability to plat Full Motion Video VCD discs in the CD32. Not many of these FMV modules were ever produced by Commodore so they are now very rare and hard to find.
  • Accelerators
    • SX-1 - The SX-1 was the first expansion produced for the CD32. It adds many of the A1200's ports to the CD32 including the Prallel, Serial, RGB Video, and External Floppy ports. It also adds a keyboard connector, audio input and external IDE connector. Internally the SX-1 also allows you to add an IDE HD and a 72-pin memory Simm to add fast ram to the CD32.
    • ProModule - This is similar to the SX-1. It adds external ports for Parallel, Serial, RGB, Floppy and Keyboard. It also includes the ability to add an internal IDE HD and a 72-pin memory simm to add fast ram. In addition it also has a built in floppy disk drive to instantly add the ability to load Amiga floppy disk based games on the CD32.
    • SX-32 - The SX32 is a more advanced expansion card compared to the SX-1 and ProModule. It includes a full accelerator CPU upgrade, giving the CD32 a 68030 CPU at 40MHz or 50MHz with an optional FPU running at either 25MHz or 50MHz, and it can be fitted with up to 64MB of fast ram via a 72 pin Simm slot. In addition the expansion unit allows an internal IDE HD to be fitted and also includes external ports similar to the SX-1, including ports for parallel, serial, RGB, VGA, Floppy and keyboard. It also provides a battery backed up clock. To get the most out of a CD32 to use it as a full Amiga the SX32 is the best option.
  • Serial port

The CD32's serial port is also a keyboard port and works with an A4000 keyboard. The port can also be used with a special null-model cable and some networking software to connect the CD32 to another Amiga. The software allows file transfer and the ability for other Amigas to access the CD-Rom drive of the CD32.

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