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Amiga 1000


Introduction to the A1000

The A1000 was the first Amiga released to the public. The A1000 was quite a basic model, and there were two different models. One was an NTSC model, which didn't feature the EHB modes (64 Colours) which appeared later on, the other was a PAL model, which featured the EHB mode. The A1000 was replaced by the A2000 and the A500 which both featured Kickstart in ROM

Until the release of the A2000 the A1000 was simply referred to as the Commodore Amiga

The A1000 features a different Kickstart system to the other models in the Amiga range. It has an 8kb Bootstrap ROM which then in turn loads Kickstart off a Kickstart floppy disk that you insert. This Kickstart then gets loaded in to a special area of WOM (Write-Once-Memory). This area of memory is only 256kb and therefore only Kickstart versions from 1.0 to 1.3 are supported.

The only other Amiga model to feature a similar Kickstart arrangement was early A3000's


Released 1985
End of production 1987
CPU 68000
CPU speed 7.0 MHz (PAL)
7.1 MHz (NTSC)
Chipset OCS (Original Chipset)
Later versions with 512kb CHIP RAM
Kickstart ROM 8kb Bootstrap ROM
Boots Kickstart from disk
Workbench Depends on Kickstart version
Price £1700 (UK, 1985) - $1500 (USA, 1986) - £1285 (UK, Nov. 1986, 512K RAM)

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