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Commodore Amiga 500 Plus standard package


Introduction to the A500 Plus

The A500 proved to be very successful but had been around for quite a few years, and Commodore answered this with the release of the A500 Plus. The A500 Plus was cosmetically the same as the A500 (except for the Commodore A-500 Plus badge in the corner) but under the hood had a full 1MB CHIP RAM, the Enhanced Chipset and the new 2.04 Kickstart ROMs. Unfortunately, these upgrades caused some problems with early games which would not run on the A500 Plus causing either Software Failure messages or other unsual side effects. This was solved by using some software like ReloKick to temporarily downgrade the machine to Kickstart 1.3 so that these stubborn games would work correctly.

The A500 Plus had quite a short shelf life, as the A600 was released only six months later. However, retailers still had stocks of A500 Plus' and carried on to sell them until stocks ran out.


Released 1991
CPU 68000
CPU speed 7.0 MHz (PAL)
7.1 MHz (NTSC)
Chipset ECS
Kickstart ROM 2.04
Workbench 2.04


Amiga 500 Plus Cartoon Classics package

The A500 Plus was sold in a couple of different packages. The most popular package was the Cartoon Classics pack, which contained the following software:


  • Lemmings
  • The Simpson: Bart vs The Space Mutants
  • Captain Planet and The Planeteers


  • Workbench 2.04 (including Extras and AmigaFonts)
  • Deluxe Paint III

where as the standard version came with just the Workbench disks.

A500 Plus gallery


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