Amiga reset cable connection

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Amiga reset cable connection

Amiga reset cable connection
Created 2008
Creator Tiago
Based On A1200T


Hardware Spec/Parts Needed

  • A1200 Board
  • Reset cable
  • Pins
  • Soldering Iron

Project details

This hardware project forms part of the larger Micronik Infinitiv A1200 Tower Case Project.

This small project is designed to allow the A1200 Tower to reset just like the key combination (Ctrl+A+A). A1200 Boards are prepered to receive a reset cable switch. All you have to do is connect two small dots on the board, with a switch in between. When you press down the switch the Amiga will reboot with the same result as (Ctrl+A+A)

Locate the small dots on the A1200 Board, they are near to the PCMCIA, you will see two parallel lines of dots. It is the one that is most near the PCMCIA and the two dots you have to work on are again the two more near the PCMCIA:


For this project i grab an old pc sound card, that wasn't working and i remove 2 pins inside a small piece of plastic that holds them. After you need to do some soldering work to connect the two pins to the two metal dots.


My tower allready had a switch ready, so i needed only to connect the cable to the pins. But if you don't have one, all you need is to get a swith and connect the cables to it, and them to the pins. Note that you dont need to put the pins in the board, i put them just to be able to remove the cable anytime i want without breaking anything, and, it looks better. You can simple connect the wires directly to the board, the pins were an option.


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